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How To Pluck The Hairline On A Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Synthetic lace front wigs with pre-plucked hairline are very popular these days because they do have a much more realistic look on the forehead.

So what is a plucked hairline? Well, if you have a chance to closely look at your own hair, you'll find not all hair strands have the same density. The front hair is normally thinner than the hair backwards.

How To Pluck The Hairline On A Synthetic Lace Front Wig-ITYMAHAIR.COM

Photo Credits: MsJazzy2Classy

As you know hairs in the lace area are 100% hand-tied to the lace by craftsmen. But they usually tie 1-3 hairs to each lace grid and the hair density( is all the same across the whole lace area because in this way it is much easier to tie the hair.

If you pluck some hairs out to make the hairs in the front thinner and then gradually thicker backwards, then you'll get a super natural hairline which mimics our real hair.

Here's our quick wig tutorial on how to pluck the hairline on a synthetic lace front wig.

Step #1: Place the wig on a wig stand and secure it in place
Step #2: Divide the hair into 3 sections with clips(one left, one middle and one right section).
Step #3: Separate the first row of hair( from the left section and pluck some hairs out. The first row should only be 1-2 hairs thick. Unclip all left section's hair and then clip everything back again except for the first row you plucked.
Step #4: Going along the first row sectioned out in step #3 and pluck out the small hairs(1-2 hairs at a time). That means, pluck 1-2 hairs, then leave 1-2 hairs until the whole row is plucked.
Step #5: Separate the second row of the hair from the left section and just repeat Step #3 and Step #4. The second row should be 3-4 hairs thick.
Step #6: Do 4-5 rows this way.
Step #7: Repeat the plucking across the right section and the middle section.
Step #8: After you have plucked all the three sections, pull all the hair back and find more variation. Pluck out small hairs here and there to get a more natural hairline( Do not pluck one section of hair for a too long time, because this can lead to bald spots.