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How To Make Baby Hair On A Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Baby hairs are those small hairs located around the edges of your hair. Most celebrities or influencers will cut and trim the hairline of a wig and create artificial baby hair to make the wig look much more natural. You do not have to ask for a hair stylist to get the baby hair and instead, you can try this process at home with a little practice.

Here’s our quick wig tutorial on how to make baby hair on a synthetic lace front wig.

Tools you need: A toothbrush and a cosmetic razor

Step #1: Put on your synthetic lace front wig on your head and make sure it fits comfortably around your forehead.
Step #2: Brush forward a few traces of the synthetic hair( as the soon-to-be-baby-hair with the toothbrush. Brush every little bit of hair at a time and don't pull out big chunks of hair, otherwise you may mess up your synthetic lace front wig.
Step #3: Pull the section of soon-to-be-baby-hair forward gently and cut downward the hair in a very slow and back and forth motion. Trim the hair a little at a time. Don't trim the hair too much, you may want to trim off more later. Be careful to trim away from your face.
Step #4: Trim all sections of the baby hair to the same length to create a realistic look, otherwise it may look uneven and untidy.