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How To Detangle A Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Whether you wear your synthetic lace front wig in daily life or for a cosplay party on weekends, you are bound to encounter some tangles. As a matter of fact, synthetic wigs( tend to be more prone to tangle as a result of the shortage of the natural oils which work as a natural conditioner to protect again tangles in our hair. How to remove the tangles without hurting the synthetic hair? Here is our wig tutorial.

Step #1: Locate the areas of the tangled hair. Clip back all the aside-from-tangled-hair with a hair clip.
Step #2: Use a wide-tooth comb to slowly and gently comb from the bottom toward the tangle. Comb about an inch at a time in sections.
Step #3: Finger-comb the tangled hair area with some detangler spray which helps loosen the tangle without causing damage. Keep gently finger-combing the hair until you can freely run your fingers through the tangled area.
Step #4: Use the wide-comb again to gently comb the hair( from the bottom to the roots several times.
Step #5: Repeat the steps above with other matted hair areas.

The more tangled the synthetic lace front wig is, the more difficult it is to bring the wig back to life. So the final advice would be to take good care of your wig. Wash and condition your synthetic wig at least every 5-6 wears.