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How To Cut Bangs On A Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

synthetic lace front wig with bangs is one of the most versatile and popular wigs these days. Whether for everyday wear or for cosplay, everyone wants a unique bang style that fits your personality and look.

There are normally two different kinds of bangs - straight bangs and side-swept bangs. Since side-swept bangs need more technique and are much harder to cut by yourself compared with straight bangs, we do recommend that you ask a local hair stylist( for help if you want to have side-swept bangs.

Here's our quick wig tutorial on how to cut straight bangs.

Step #1: Put on your synthetic lace front wig on your head and make sure it fits comfortably around your forehead.
Step #2: Bring the front section of the hair forward as the soon-to-be-bangs and tie back all the aside-from-bangs hair.
Step #3: Hold the soon-to-be-bangs firmly in place between your index and middle finger and cut them slowly and straight underneath your fingers with a pair of hair shears. Using your fingers as a level and make sure the length of the bangs( is a little bit longer cut which allows for the following small and gradual snips.
Step #4: Comb the bangs straight forward with a rat-tail comb and make small and vertical snips until you've got the desired length. If you cut off too much hair at once, there’s no way to grow it back.
Step #5: Flat iron the finished bangs to get a more natural look.