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How To Curl A Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Can you curl a synthetic wig? The answer is YES. Synthetic lace front wig has many benefits like various colors and affordable price. But one of the disadvantage is that it is often much harder to curl the synthetic hair. This is because synthetic hair is made of plastic and can melt when exposed to any heat.

Good news is all synthetic lace front wigs on our website( are heat-friendly and you can curl a heat-friendly synthetic wig as desired.

But not all synthetic wigs are heat friendly especially those with extremely low price like under $30 or even $20.

Here's our quick wig tutorial on how to curl a heat-friendly synthetic lace front wig.

Step #1: Place your wig on a wig stand and secure it in place.
Step #2: Divide your synthetic hair into sections according to how large you'd like your curls to be. If you want big curls, divide the hair into a few sections and if you want small curls, divide your hair into as many sections as you can.
Step #3: Apply some light heat protectant on the hair before using the curling iron which can protect again damage caused by carelessly excessive heat.
Step #4: Turn on the curling iron and set it to be a few dozen degrees lower than the wig seller's( recommended temperature.
Step #5: Pin up the top layer of the wig and curl the bottom section first - wind the bottom section around the curling iron’s barrel. Let the hair heat up for about 10-15 seconds. Do not heat the hair for a long time which may damage or even melt the hair.
Step #6: Unclip and curl the top layers.
Step #7: Keep curling the rest of the divided sections.
Step #8: Once the whole wig has be curled, just let it air dry and try best not to touch them which can cause the hair to lose its curl.